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The why, what and who behind Taleshape

I have been developing software for a living for over 10 years now. Too many projects I worked on felt like a waste of energy for the clients and the team. Too often software ends up creating more problems that it’s solving. And a few years later it will be replaced by the next attempt. This is a frustrating experience for all people involved.

However, I have also worked on projects that felt productive and fulfilling. There is nothing better than solved a big pain point for a client. You can clearly see the value you created.
There is a common pattern I am seeing with projects that left me feeling fulfilled: We figured out how to closely collaborate with our users.

Putting users first

Putting your users at the center of everything enables us to create lasting value.

The hard part is that doing this looks different for every project. It has to become part of your company culture to be focused on figuring this out over and over again. What communication channels and feedback mechanisms work best? What are we missing to really understand our users? How can we make the users feel heard?

We, Puk and Jorin, created Taleshape to combine our experience as service designer and software engineer to help you understand your users and get the systems in place to co-create software together with your users.

We need your help

We like to learn how you are working together with your users.
What is working well for you? What challenges are you facing? What systems do you have in place?
In exchange for sharing your experience and insights with us we will help you the best we can by giving honest feedback and suggestions.

Send us a mail, DM me on X or send a message on LinkedIn.

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